Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Endless possibilities....

If you've ever read any of my previous blogs, you know I am constantly saying "the possibilities are endless" and every time I start a new piece, I am reminded of this and try to push myself a bit further.  This small, antique chest of drawers was brought to me for some custom refurbishing. The customer needed it to match a white daybed with yellow, green and brown accents (flowers). It is very hard to tell in this picture, but the drawers on this chest have flowers etched into the trim, so I thought this piece was perfect for her room.  The only problem was it came to me a REALLY nasty greenish/brownish "not really sure what in the world" color!

I first began by sanding it lightly. It is solid wood, but the varnish was very slick and I wanted to bring out some of its natural flaws.Step 2, I wanted to incorporate all the accent colors in the "matching" bed,  yet I did not want to apply four coats of paint!  So I took acrylic paint (yes, acrylic could also use latex, chalk paint etc.) and applied brush strokes of a light yellow, mint green, moss green, and doeskin (a light tan).  I put a dab of each color onto a paper plate, took a foam brush and just applied in random strokes throughout the dresser, at times mixing the colors and blending them into one another. I applied heaviest to the corners and edges I knew I would want to distress and really have these colors "pop." Below is the result of step 2:

Step 3, was allowing the paint to dry (acrylic paint dries VERY quickly), and then I applied my first coat of white milk paint. I let that dry overnight, and I applied a second coat the next morning. Once that dried, I took a 220 sanding block and just began sanding.  I finished the piece in two coats of gloss polyurethane per the customer's request. Tip: In any place you want the acrylic paint colors to show, sand lightly. Where you want a true wear and the natural wood to pop through, sand with a heavier hand.  You need a good mix of both!  Again, I always use the liquid milk paint...I don't like mixing it as it never gets clump free for me!  Here is the finished side of the dresser:

I am so in love with the chipiness and I am super happy with how it finished out. The customer absolutely loved it! Love when an idea works out and I don't have to start over :) Happy Painting!

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