Monday, August 27, 2012

We're baaaack....and a new tutorial!

Whew! It has been a while and for good has been back to school frenzy for me! I teach Pre-Kindergarten full time, so I had taken a few weeks off to focus on my classroom and getting into a school year routine.  As much as I needed the break, I sure have missed my painting, blogging, and junking! It is so good for my soul!

So to kick off our return, here is a tutorial on our latest sign!

First, I started with what used to be an old step stool...I simply removed the legs and  sanded the top of the stool. You could use any scraps of wood nailed or hot glued together.  I then cut out the letters for the quote using contact paper and my Circuit cutter-super fast and super easy. You could simply cut out the letters from contact paper if you do not have an electric cutter.  I then attached the letters to the wood and made sure they were stuck on well.

Next, I chose my stain and applied two coats (24 hours apart) using a disposable foam brush.  I applied the stain moving in horizontal strokes, swiping clear across the boards in even coats. You DO NOT want your stain to be clumpy nor soupy. It needs to be done in even, clean coats.   Once the
stain was completely dry, I removed the contact paper to reveal the quote. Now, you could just leave it as is from here and be done, however, I wanted my quote to "pop" a bit more and to make it match my decor a bit better, so I took acrylic paint in French Vanilla and painted in the quote, using the "stencil" the contact paper had left me.  I used a fine tipped brush and applied two coats just to be safe. To finish the sign out, I lightly sanded and distressed it and then sealed it with polyurethane.  Since it was going indoors, I could have simply waxed it, however, I chose to use the poly just to better seal the stain. To hang, I simply attached photo hangers to the back.

This project was super easy and I love how it turned out! It would make a great wedding or anniversary gift!

Happy Painting!

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